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When I am finished, you will have a few tools that take only a few minutes to be the best you.  You will have picked a haircut that suits your life, and as you buy a few things for your wardrobe, the information will help you to dress for 2020 and beyond.



When you take this journey with me, you will have a better understanding of the physical you.  What is on the outside.  However, what is happening on the inside should be honored, and your look should reflect who you believe yourself to be.

In today’s world of social media, we are bombarded with women who look so perfect that we feel we can never look like them.  Well, let me tell you.  It is makeup, accessories, and clothes that experts have spent hours creating perfection, and after they have done a photoshoot, that is also when the magic begins.  They can make any woman look like a movie star, and that includes you.

However, I am going to presume you are a practical woman that wants to look her best, but spending hours on your makeup and hair, along with making sure you have the most up to date wardrobe, is overwhelming and taking the time seems like a waste of time.  Not so.  When I am finished, you will have a few tools that take only a few minutes to be the best you.  You will have picked a haircut that suits your life, and as you buy a few things for your wardrobe, the information will help you to dress for 2020 and beyond.


Now, improving the outside is fun and will make you feel like you can do anything.  But a woman without a vision and something to drive her passion will never reach the true spark of beauty.  Because what you think and believe will show on your face. A woman who knows where she is going and feels connected to the universe always has an aura of beauty.

This is where I offer you not only my course but a journal that you can print off.  It is called EVERYTHING I KNOW I LEARNED FROM OPRAH, and it is free when you buy The POWER OF PINK.  



I have taken all of Oprah’s quotes and written a short paragraph or two on what that quote means to me.  I never try to speak for Oprah, only how the lessons she taught improved my life.  My mother would drop- by every day for a one-hour break, and Oprah was it.  I don’t think we missed more than a few episodes, and the show was that important to my mom and me.

I will share a story about transgender people.  The show featured a man who was a Navy Seal.  A man’s man.  Except that he did not feel like a man. He honored how he felt and became a woman. At first, my mom was confused, but over the years, Oprah did a few episodes on the subject.  It was a good thing.  My brother came home after being away for almost forty years, and yes, he was a girl.  My mother never missed a beat.  He was her baby, and however, he saw himself, my mother saw him as her child. There was no judgment, but better yet, no heart attack.  If it were not for Oprah, my mother would have said or done something to hurt my brother or shame him all because she would have had little information about the people who feel trapped in the wrong body. 

Oprah showed us that when their partner steps over the line and physical abuse is a part of their relationship, they don’t have to take it. A woman is worth more than a dozen roses. I am positive that after twenty-five years she saved thousands of young women who took Oprah’s advice and saved themselves. We were able to bring into the light all of humanity’s gifts and curses.  I am hoping that the quotes will stir up long lost dreams or that you can say…                                                                            “I have done and become all that I was meant to be.”  

                                                                                                                 This Journal is FREE when you buy The Power of Pink.  

                                                                                   This book will teach you how to look your best in 2020 and beyond.

Once you buy this course, you will be able to download the journal instantly. Don’t be afraid about the ink.  There is very little writing, only short observations from me, and the blank pages for you to write. 

                                                                                                                                      THIS IS NOT A DAILY JOURNAL

It is a journal you will pull out when you want clarity in your life. There are also quotes from some of Oprah’s favorite earthly teachers. They will also wake up your soul as you examine your life. This is an important book and one that should make a real difference in your life.  All of the great thinkers say…

                                                                                                              ‘THAT TO KNOW YOURSELF IS WHAT OUR JOURNEY ON THIS PLANE IS ABOUT.  

                                                                                                                                                               Lets get to it.   



is my gift to you.

I am NOT going to have page after page of testimonials, or tidbits of information here and there to get your interest, just an honest account of what I have to share, no sales pitch, just you and me. So, whether you are YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL, age 18 to 30, A MOVER AND SHAKER 30 to 45, MOVING ON UP, 45 to 60 or over 60, FOREVER YOUNG and want to create an image of a woman ten years younger, this book is for you.


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  1. Ronda Lisowski

    Having Vaun as a stylist boosted my confidence and gave me fresh perspective. I have a plus figure and she helped me find my beauty. The other lessons on life that are presented got me “unstuck”

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